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MOFgen Ltd is an award winning VC-backed spin-out company from the University of St Andrews.

The company develops and supplies products that enable the controlled and sustained release of antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-thrombotic agents from coatings and topical applications.

MOFgen Ltd products are based on a class of materials called Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs).
MOFs are powdery solids with microscopic pores that can be loaded with biologically active and medically useful agents such as nitric oxide gas (NO) and metal ions. Acting like reservoirs, our MOF products can be incorporated into coatings and formulations to provide slow and controlled release of the active agent(s) over the desired timescale.

MOFgen Ltd is the first company to commercialise MOFs for medical and therapeutic applications.  The company has a strong team that includes the world’s leading scientists in the development of MOFs.

The target markets for MOFgen’s products include medical devices, chronic wound dressings and topical treatments. 

The company offers a range of products that improve the quality of patient care, reduce secondary infection rates and reduce the added burden on health care resources caused by lengthy and repeated hospitalisation.  The MOFs’ novel and multifunctional mode of action will also help in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria and provide alternatives where patient intolerances to current coatings exist.

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MOFgen Ltd
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